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A few words about our company

Foreign projects
∙Medical tourism
∙Delivery of drugs to the CIS countries
Domestic projects
∙Development of pharmacy prescription systems (QR code)
∙Software for pharmacies (e-Pharm)

∙ After consultation with relevant clinics in Korea, we provide you some optional suggestions so you have a choice.
∙ We provide following services free of charge:

Treatment in South Korea

Diagnosis and treatment in a country with an advanced medicine

A program that allows citizens of the CIS to receive highly qualified treatment in South Korea.

Our goals:
Applying advanced technology of South Korea, we strive to become a social organization contributing to the development of medicine to improve the health of the population of the CIS countries through the timely provision of medical services to patients of the CIS countries.

Why Korea?
Medicine in South Korea is a combination of modern classical and centuries-old oriental medicine, modern computer technology and the latest research. Korean medicine is among the top three in the world after the United States and Germany. A transplant of organs and plastic surgery takes first place.

Healing tours

Kyrgyzstan is an amazing place to visit.

Kyrgyzstan is the best country for tourism, excellent rest and interesting travel. The beauty of its 94% mountainous landscape, the ancient nomadic history and the rich past of the Great Silk Road will amaze you from the first sight. You may try both relaxing and exciting adventurous like horseback tours in Tulpar-Tash, rafting on the Chui River, cycling tours in the meadows along the shores of Son-Kul Lake and trekking in the Tien Shan mountains. Also, there is Issyk-Kul lake that is the second largest salt lake in the world after the Caspian Sea. It is attractive for both summer and winter rest. Tours to Kyrgyzstan will acquaint you with the unique national traditions and customs of nomads, which have been formed over many centuries.

Medical business

Consulting services

We consult you on all issues.

-Development of marketing research (market research) and business plan
-Act as a governing body with a commercial license
-Organization of seminars and symposia
-Advertising,PR and Headhunting

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Internet Shopping

Unique natural products from Kyrgyzstan

Honey Treatment with “Doctor Honey”

Fur products "Aliya"

National souvenirs “Tumar”

Wooden watches, glasses and accessories.

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