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Medical treatment in South Korea

  • The best clinics
  • Leading professors
  • Estimates directly from hospitals, without commissions
  • Complete travel arrangements and concierge service

Features of South Korean medical service

  • The world's best medical technology

    South Korea is the world’s leader in transplantation, cancer treatment, cardiovascular and vertebral disorders and other serious diseases.

  • Leader in
    Plastic Surgery

    The Republic of Korea also plays a leading role in the fields of plastic and aesthetic surgery and dentistry. In 2015 the USA was the leader in the field of plastic surgery, and South Korea ranked 3rd after Brazil in the world.

  • Rational

    Due to the usage of advanced IT-based medical technology the treatment of serious diseases is possible at a rational price.

What is U-Health?

A program that allows citizens of the CIS countries to receive highly qualified treatment in South Korea.

Our goals:
Applying advanced technology of South Korea, we strive to become a social organization contributing to the development of medicine to improve the health of the population of the CIS countries through the timely provision of medical services to patients of the CIS countries.

Why Korea?
Medicine in South Korea is a combination of modern classical and centuries-old oriental medicine, modern computer technology and the latest research. Korean medicine is among the top three in the world after the United States and Germany. A transplant of organs and plastic surgery takes first place.

Organization of treatment in Korea


Correspondence consultation: to submit a request to a clinic in Korea, you need to provide us with all extracts, examination results, images, computed tomography videos, etc.

Preparatory period

Granting all extracts, results of inspections, pictures, video records of a computer tomography, etc.


After consultation with professors of clinics we provide you answers with the approximate plan of treatment and also with cost, the period stay in the country and we do a reservation

Medical visa (С3-3)

Our company does the application for receipts of a visa


The representative of our company in Korea leaves in the airport and meets at the airport and provides a transfer to hotel and also additional services

Medical services

Receiving treatment in the medical institution, most suitable for the patient


After treatment, we can help to enjoy beauty of the Korean nature and to get acquainted with local culture


Transfer in the airport and healthy you come back home

Further care

After arrival we are always ready to consult you and to help to keep in contact with clinic where you received treatment. You will be able always to address on any questions concerning a disease and treatment in Korea.


One of the world's leading hospitals providing safe & compassionate care at its best for.

    Sergey Song

    Marketing and Project Manager Abroad (Seoul)

    +82 10 3840 5727
    Sagynbaeva Fatima

    Corporate Coordinator (Bishkek)

    +996 558 785 808

                                   Mamatalieva Zhyldyzkan

    Medical Coordinator (Seoul)

    +82 10 4885 9200

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